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Daimler and BYD Officially Announce Battery-Electric Vehicle from DENZA Brand

Words John Clark | March 30, 2012
With brand name DENZA Chinese associate modern, clean technology, rising power and forward momentum
Words John Clark March 30, 2012

As we confirmed Tuesday, Daimler and Chinese car maker BYD Auto’s new joint venture brand will be called DENZA.  The new DENZA brand for the electric vehicle developed by BYD Daimler New Technology Co. Ltd. (BDNT), the 50:50 joint venture between Daimler and Chinese electric battery and car manufacturer BYD, was formally revealed today in Shenzhen at the “EV – The Future” event.

The DENZA brand launch event is the latest milestone in the successful cooperation between Daimler and BYD. Following the BDNT joint venture contract signing in May 2010 and granting of the China business license in March 2011, development has been progressing on schedule.

“The exciting new DENZA brand is a highly visible seal of approval for the leading-edge design, technology and personality of the new car which we are convinced will resonate with customers here in China,” stated Ulrich Walker, Chairman & CEO of Daimler Northeast Asia and Chairman of the Board of Directors of BDNT. “BYD and Daimler have been visionaries in the development of sustainable mobility and new technologies. We are at the forefront in China as the first company to form a joint venture for the development of a pure electric vehicle, and we’re continuing our pace forward with this landmark event today.”

“We’re very pleased with progress on the development of the new all-electric car, and the DENZA brand really brings it to life,” said Mr. Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD and Member of the Board of Directors of BDNT. “We have the ideal partner in Daimler. BYD provides experience in battery technology and e-drive systems, as well as bringing EVs into operation on the streets of China. In connection with Daimler’s design of premium autos, know-how in electric vehicle architecture and safety, and more than 125 years of experience in automotive excellence, DENZA is on the right track to become the leader in the New Energy Vehicle market in China.”

The DENZA name and logo have been carefully crafted to convey very precise themes. Primarily created with a focus on Chinese consumers, the name DENZA derives its strength from profound and positive associations with the Chinese characters 腾势 téng shì, which together mean “rising power and momentum” – referring both to the attributes of the car as well as the pace of development DENZA aims to be ahead in the New Energy Vehicle industry. DENZA is also a distinctive name in the English language with no prior associations.

The logo is designed around the flowing form of a central water-drop, supported by two hands. The blue water-drop represents the environmental friendliness of the all-electric vehicle, with blue also signifying advanced technology and a bright future. The curves on either side of the water-drop represent the hands of the two partners providing mutual support for the joint venture, as well as for the environment.

The first public appearance of the DENZA concept car will be at Auto China in Beijing in April, with first production planned in 2013. With rapid economic growth, increased urbanization, an open-minded consumer, and a supportive government, all the elements are in place to mark China as one of the countries with the highest potential for electric vehicle adoption.

For those of you not familiar with BDNT, in 2010, Daimler and BYD signed the contract for a 50:50 research and technology joint venture called “Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co. Ltd,” (BDNT) that will develop an electric vehicle in and for China. End of February 2011 BDNT received its business license from Chinese authorities – just a few months after signing the JV contract. The vehicle will be marketed under the new DENZA brand jointly created and owned by the joint venture company BDNT.

Electric vehicles are especially well-suited for urban driving. With its many metropolitan areas, China has the potential to be among the world’s largest markets for zero-emission vehicles. Daimler and BYD are determined not only to participate in this growth of electric mobility in China but to accelerate it even further with their BDNT Joint Venture.