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AMG High Performance Vehicle Insurance from Mercedes-Benz Bank in Germany

Words Marcus Bloom | April 29, 2010
The Mercedes-Benz Bank offers attractive insurance quotes for all AMG high-performance cars in Germany
Words Marcus Bloom April 29, 2010

The new AMG tailored car insurance not only offers cheap premiums and deductibles, but also a unique price protection. Offerings also include insurance for potential damage if the customer’s vehicle is in  driver training with the AMG Driving Academy. The new AMG car insurance is for all AMG models on offer, from the C 63 AMG to the SLS AMG.

The unique advantage of the new AMG car insurance is the additional price protection: a total loss is not the only case of re-reimbursed replacement value, but the original purchase price in full. The purchase price protection applies to new and used vehicles and covers up to a maximum term of 48 months after completion. No other German insurance company comparable to offer.

A look at the sample calculation shows the attractive offer: If a purchase price of € 100,000 and a total loss, adopted in 2012, the customer would get from a conventional insurance AMG only the replacement value of the estimated 50,000 € replaced. The gap of 50.000 € for the initial purchase price can be the client now with the new AMG car insurance close of the – and without major financial losses his new AMG so desired model order.

Other exclusive benefits of AMG car insurance: The premium offered is independent of personal claims bonus of the insured, as is the current classification in the insurance case is not affected.

Participate in driver training also covered the AMG Driving Academy

Unlike many insurance claim is a possible protected if the AMG customer with his vehicle in a driver training The AMG Driving Academy participates. This is true even if it is a professional circuit training concerns, such as the PRO-training or at the Masters Sports Trophy.

Overview: Premiums for selected AMG models

  • Model: C 63 AMG – Premium *: € 1950 / 2150 **
  • Model: E 63 AMG – Premium *: € 2050 / 2250 **
  • Model: ML 63 AMG – Premium *: € 2050 / 2250 **
  • Model: SL 63 AMG – Premium *: € 2250 / 2500 **
  • Model: SLS AMG – Premium *: € 2690/2890 **
  • Model: S 65 AMG – Premium *: € 3450 / 3700 **

* A year including 19% insurance applies, for liability, partial coverage with 500 € and 1,000 € Comprehensive deductible;

** With / without participating in driver training courses at the AMG Driving Academy.

If you have AMG model with the radar-based adaptive cruise control DISTRONIC PLUS (optional on select vehicles) ordered, will receive a discount of 15 percent on all premiums.