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A Dream Machine for Adventure Traveling

Words Thomas Philips | February 05, 2015
The Bimobil EX 460 camper van based on the robust Fuso Canter 4×4 is the perfect vehicle for discovering the world
Words Thomas Philips February 05, 2015

The Bimobil EX 460 camper van based on the robust Fuso Canter 4×4 is the perfect vehicle for discovering the world, even off the beaten track. The high-traction all-wheel-drive light-duty truck provides the ideal basis for long-distance campers and expedition vehicles. Fuso is a Daimler Trucks brand which operates successfully worldwide.

 Bimobil EX 460

Bimobil EX 460

Bimobil: renowned for high-quality long-distance campers

Bimobil in Oberpframmern near Munich has been known to insiders for almost 40 years now as a brand offering camper vans that are at once high-quality, functional and homely, for use both on and off-road. The latest creation from this renowned manufacturer is the EX 460 model based on the Fuso Canter 4×4. This robust all-wheel-drive light-duty truck provides the platform for a comfortable long-distance camper with professional all-wheel drive which is not fazed when it comes to tackling demanding terrain.

 Bimobil EX 460

Bimobil EX 460

Congenial camper body fitted out to a high standard

The centrepiece of the Bimobil EX 460’s camper body is a group of seats for four people behind the cab. A lockable passage connects the cab to the body. Leading from the seats towards the rear are a spacious kitchen, a wardrobe, a washroom and WC and a separate bathroom. A large, comfortable double bed rounds off the living area at the rear. Under the bed, large fresh water and waste water tanks (capacity 200 l and 120 l respectively) and the spare wheel are accommodated in a generously dimensioned stowage compartment. There is also space here for 1.5 m³ of equipment and supplies. The rear stowage compartment is accessible from outside by means of large flaps.

The robust, indestructible Bimobil body made of composite sandwich panels produced in-house is lavishly insulated. Branch deflectors protect the edges from damage in rough terrain. Under the camper body, robust grooved sheet-metal outer valances cover the chassis of the Canter 4×4.

 Bimobil EX 460

Bimobil EX 460

Canter 4×4: professional all-wheel drive with reduction gear

With its robust truck engineering, including engageable professional all-wheel drive with reduction gear, the Fuso Canter 4×4 provides an excellent base for long-distance campers or expedition vehicles in demanding use. The engageable reduction gear halves the maximum speed in the respective gears, at the same time doubling the tractive force. The standard-specification self-locking differential on the rear axle further boosts traction.

In contrast to the Canter with rear-wheel drive, the cab and body are positioned substantially higher in the interests of ideal handling characteristics on rough stretches. This results in a substantial approach angle of 35 degrees. The ground clearance is almost doubled, to as much as 320 mm.

In rough terrain, the camper benefits from the exceptional manoeuvrability of the Canter 4×4. A body width of two metres puts the cab on a par with many a van. The body from Bimobil is also relatively slender, measuring 2.22 m in width. Thanks to the Canter’s cab-over-engine design, the camper’s overall length is a compact 6.44 m. Last but not least, the short wheelbase of just 3415 mm results in an astoundingly tight turning circle of only 13.5 m/14.9 m (without/with all-wheel drive engaged).

Powerful engine, robust chassis engineering

The high-torque four-cylinder turbo diesel engine of the Canter 4×4 ensures ample propulsive power, wherever the camper roams.It generates an output of 129 kW (175 hp) from a displacement of 3.0 l, and a hefty 430 Nm of peak torque.

The robust truck engineering of the Canter 4×4 is designed for tough operating conditions in professional use. This is demonstrated by high permissible axle loads of 2800 kg at the front and 6000 kg at the rear axle, for example, and by the high load capacity of the 17.5-inch tyres. Despite its robust design, the chassis of the Canter 4×4 is surprisingly light. Consequently, at a permissible gross vehicle weight of 6.5 t the Bimobil EX 460 offers a payload capacity of 1.85 t for the passengers and their equipment – more than enough reserves even for extensive adventure travels.