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Mercedes-Benz to Build Bentley Continental GT Competitor

Words John Clark | May 24, 2011
The model is described as an “über-CLS”, and is likely to have an even more dramatic shape than the coupé style CLS
Words John Clark May 24, 2011

Reports are coming in that Mercedes-Benz is considering a high-performance four-door that would fall above the CLS and give it a rival to Bentley’s Continental GT.

The dedicated hot model was described to UK’s Autocar as an “über-CLS”. It’s likely that it would have an even more dramatic shape than the coupé-like CLS and feature AMG engines and chassis tuning to justify a considerably higher price.

Mercedes believes that it can slot the model into its range — alongside the CL two-door — because of the burgeoning market for ultra-expensive, high-performance models, particularly in Russia and the Middle East.  Sorry to our readers in the U.S., they are not building this one for you.

Mercedes is determined to take a larger slice of those sales, bullying aside Bentley’s offering and a forthcoming extreme Porsche Panamera GT.

A possible Maybach spin-off of the four-door is also a distinct possibility, say our sources, pointing to the interest shown in the striking one-off 62S Coupé (pictured) that has been displayed at motor shows by German engineering firm Xenatec.