RevoZport Introduces Tuning Package for the Mercedes A-Class

Words John Clark | May 31, 2013
RevoZport is setting the benchmark high for Mercedes AMG A-Class tuners with their new RZA-290 package
Words John Clark May 31, 2013

When it comes to tuning the A-Class, RevoZport is setting the benchmark high. Hong Kong based tuner RevoZport is determined to make their mark in the Mercedes tuner market, specifically in the AMG segment.

RevoZport started their A-Class tuning project, code RZA-290, (especially for the A200 & A250 owners) and focused its design around a complete aerokit that enhances the aggressive shape of the already perfectly shaped AMG A-Class.  To do this, RevoZport went through a very long design process (near 6 months) and finally came up with a sporty design that features a front add-on splitter, an aggressive canard that helps rush more air to the radiator and oil cooler, side skirts that helps side wind downforce, a lightweight carbon bonnet with vents to cool the engine bay. The back is the most exciting part of the new package, it was designed with a diffuser that uses a square shape quad exhaust tip along with a 3D underspoiler. All for the function of dissipating heat and create extra downforce. The GT wing finishes off the overall aggressive look and confirms the RZA-290 as a true hot hatch from the appearance.

Why did RevoZport dub it the RZA-290? The answer is simple, a performance package is coming soon to all the A250 owners to turn the car from the original 211hp to 290hp. This was achieved by teaming up a German engineering partner, bringing out a specially written engine map (piggy bag and completely reversible) that works well with the carbon intake system, a sport cat down pipe and a super lightweight titanium exhaust.