Black Series Inspired Mercedes A45 AMG

Words John Clark | March 12, 2014
RevoZport and Mulgari Automotive designed a Black Series inspired Mercedes A45 AMG
Words John Clark March 12, 2014

When you buy a Mercedes A45 AMG from the factory, you have two options, the standard A45 AMG and the upgraded Edition 1. Under the hood, the two cars are identical but the body of the Edition 1 allows for more aggressive handling thanks to the downforce created by the roof spoiler.

RevoZport Mulgari A45 AMG

RevoZport Mulgari A45 AMG

So what if you want more, thankfully RevoZport and Mulgari Automotive stepped up to the challenge and is offering A-Class lovers a Black Series inspired upgrade option that should please even the pickiest. (just check out the photo gallery below and try to come up with a complaint) The Black Series inspired A45 AMG features a new carbon fiber front splitter, twin carbon canards and blacked out air intake surrounds. Also fitted to the body is a new carbon fiber bonnet with AMG inspired twin-hump design. Additional carbon fiber components include side skirts, diffusor and roof spoiler.