The New Maybach Zeppelin Set to Debut at the Geneva Motor Show this March

Words Thomas Philips | February 11, 2009
The Maybach brand is bringing out the new Maybach Zeppelin to spearhead its luxury saloon model range
Words Thomas Philips February 11, 2009

While as of late, some of you may spend your time worrying about trivial things, such as the fact that the value of what you once considered to be a well diversified portfolio has since evaporated into seemingly thin air, the truth of the matter is that for some, the word recession simply isn’t part of their vocabulary. Of course, it may have something to do with the fact that the money that you thought you once had somehow managed to migrate into their pockets, but let’s forget about that, shall we? For this group of recession-proof individuals, it’s time to shop, because let’s be honest – what else is there to do after running your multi-billion dollar corporation into the ground and taking a lucrative compensation package?

To you, my greedy elitist friends, may I present the Maybach Zeppelin – a reincarnation of the classic Maybach Zeppelin that’s set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show this March. It’s features are abundant. Built on either the Maybach 57 S or the long-wheelbase 62 S, the Maybach Zeppelin is the most powerful Maybach built. In both lengths, the Zeppelin is powered by a 6.0 litre V12 biturbo engine, which now delivers 471 kW/640 hp (an additional 28 hp) and a peak torque of 1000 Newton metres.

Outside, features include a unique two-tone paint scheme in “Rocky Mountains light brown” and “Taiga black” (other colors are available as well), while inside, a “California beige” leather interior is present accented by “Stromboli black” elements and piano lacquer finish on the trim. But what makes the Maybach Zeppelin truly revolutionary is the addition of something that up until now we’ve only seen in the finest of restrooms – an air freshener. Wait a second, let me take that back. It’s not an air freshener, it’s a “perfume atomiser.” Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a perfume atomiser. I’ll let the press release take it from here:

“Customers are also able to opt for an especially refined equipment detail that is exclusive to the Maybach Zeppelin – an imaginatively designed, extremely high-quality perfume atomiser, the only one of its kind in the world. It easily eclipses all previous efforts to produce something similar, both in terms of its visual appeal and its operation. Its sophisticated technology and premium fragrances, which can be individually chosen, create a unique aromatic experience in the Maybach Zeppelin’s interior at the push of a button – stimulating the senses of the occupants not with an overpowering perfume but with a soft, delicate scent.

The system’s core component is an internally illuminated Plexiglass sphere on the rear centre console, into which Maybach Zeppelin owners can insert a vial of their preferred fragrance. A regulator pump then directs a gentle flow of air into the Plexiglass sphere, fanning the vial’s perfume molecules into the vehicle interior.”

If that’s not the pinnacle of pure frivolity, I don’t know what is.

Thankfully, the Maybach Zeppelin is a relative bargain in relation to the tens of millions shelled out in compensation to the various ex-executives across this great land of ours. Coming in at €406,000 for the Maybach 57 Zeppelin and €473,200 for the Maybach 62 Zeppelin, each of these former CEO’s can still rest easy knowing there’s still plenty of cash left over for 20,000 sq. ft. beach cottages, NY penthouses overlooking Central Park and high priced hookers.

For more info regarding the Maybach Zeppelin, keep reading for photos (click to enlarge) and the official press release.