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Maybach Shows Off Facelift at Auto China 2010

Words John Clark | April 23, 2010
The new Maybach offers new interior concepts, extensive new equipment and appointments with higher output and lower consumption
Words John Clark April 23, 2010

Since 2002 Maybach has been defining new standards in the top league of high-end luxury saloons, whilst at the same time continuing the tradition of legendary Maybach vehicles which were part of the elite in the German and international automotive construction industry in the nineteen twenties and thirties of the last century. It is this challenging legacy that the luxury brand is carrying forward – in the form of an extensive facelift of the Maybach saloons, celebrating its premiere at Auto China 2010 in Beijing. The prestigious, tradition-steeped Maybach brand is consolidating its top position in the high-end luxury segment with a more striking design and even more extensive equipment and appointments.

“To create only the best from the best, a vehicle that is the ultimate in wish fulfilment, with a distinctive character of the finest elegance and power” – this is how a Maybach flyer dating back to 1930 declared the company’s aim, and it still applies at Maybach in its entirety to this day. This clear avowal of the extraordinary obliged Maybach to revise its high-end luxury saloons extensively and at a top level when it came to the latest facelift.

Striking, self-confident design

Following their facelift, the Maybach saloons shine with their self-confident, effortlessly superior, distinctive charisma. It is above all the new dominant chrome radiator grille that emphasises their exceptional status – it is meticulously crafted in two different variants. In the Maybach 57 and 62 models it is graced with 20 fine longitudinal bars and in the 57 S and 62 S Maybach models twelve solid double louvres with a “shadow strut” put the spotlight on the vehicle’s tremendous power. Both arrow-shaped radiator grilles are also higher than before, have considerably larger dimensions, are positioned more upright and further forward in the direction of travel – clearly symbolising the self-confident status and effortlessly superior, striking appearance.

The designers have elevated the modified bonnet with a higher front upper edge and given it sharply defined contours. It has a shaped edge and appears distinctly arrow-shaped, more expressive and longer than previously. A restyled, horizontally structured bumper trim gives the Maybach saloons an even broader look from the front. Daytime driving lights featuring LED technology and bordered with a chrome insert have been integrated into the outer air intakes.

The new exterior mirrors with optimised aerodynamics for less driving noise harmonise very well with the striking front. Their large mirror surface also means improved vision. Dark red tail lights of exquisite material quality complete with chrome embellishment, plus chrome trim used on the handle in the boot lid lend the end section a powerful, distinguished look. This in turn is underlined by new high-sheen 21-spoke 19-inch wheels in titanium silver for the Maybach 57 and 62 models. The Maybach 57 S and 62 S models will in future be shod as standard with new 12-spoke 20-inch wheels painted in noble sterling silver. And all the models are available in the new, exclusively developed Bahamas Blue paint.

As a result of the facelift measures, the new Maybach saloons gain an extra 11 millimetres in length and 17 millimetres in width when the exterior mirrors are folded out.

Interior – superb craftsmanship

As one would expect, the Maybach MANUFAKTUR showcases masterly handcraftsmanship with no compromises in the interior, where materials of the highest quality abound. As is the case with everything from Maybach, the utmost attention has been paid to every last detail. Every seam, every joint is perfectly executed, viewed from every angle this is a feast for the eyes, touching every single feature is a tactile delight – noblesse oblige.

There are three new interior appointments with different leather, carpet and headlining colours (Saona Beige for the Maybach 57 and 62, Whitehaven Beach and Kuril Islands for the Maybach 57 S and 62 S). They create an elegant, light and stimulating lighting mood – especially in conjunction with the unique electrotransparent panoramic glass sunroof in the models with a long wheelbase. It spans the roof liner above the rear passengers like an atrium, allowing light to flood the rear compartment and gives a rare degree of control over the illumination of the surroundings. It features a liquid crystal membrane of conductive polymer plastic. When an alternating current is

applied to it, the crystals in the plastic membrane are arranged in such a way that the glass becomes transparent and allows daylight into the rear of the Maybach 62 models over its entire area. As soon as the power is switched off, the liquid crystals lose their transparent arrangement again and the light is fragmented in all directions. The glass becomes nearly opaque and filters the daylight falling on it to produce a pleasant, diffused glow. This electrically operated transparency function is also used in most countries for the partition screen that can be ordered as an option.

An electrically driven sliding liner rounds off the luxurious lighting package. Its electroluminescent membrane can be switched on at the touch of a button when closed, emitting a pleasant, diffused light over its entire surface. A rotary switch in the rear console of the Maybach 62 models gives the rear passengers complete control over the illumination of the membrane and strength of the ambient lighting.

Some exquisite new additions have found their way into the large selection of trim available. There is now trim in selected dark brown bird’s-eye maple, which can also be combined with brilliant porcelain piano lacquer in the Maybach 57 S and 62 S models, underlining the refined ambience. As an alternative, a sporty touch comes in the form of carbon-fibre trim elements in new colours, among them silver and red.

Lovers of more compact vehicle dimensions will in future be able to enjoy the outstanding comfort afforded by the rear reclining seats – previously only available in the Maybach saloons with a long wheelbase. With immediate effect this first-class armchair can also be installed on the passenger side in the rear of the Maybach 57 and 57 S models as an option. At the same time Maybach has enhanced the craftsmanship of the seats for all models. The look of the seat upholstery layout has been refined and given additional piping. On request the piping running round the seats can also be supplied in a hand-braided version with four fine, individual leather stripes or adorned with valuable CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Elements. In the upper part of the seat backrest, a redesigned badge in hand-polished 925 sterling silver with the embossed Maybach logo and “MAYBACH MANUFAKTUR” lettering is an

impressive indication of the great love of detail, serving as a reminder of the prestigious ambience in which one is travelling.

The partition available as an option for the Maybach 62 and 62 S can now also be personalised with motifs of the customer’s choosing. In these cases the highly qualified specialists at the Maybach Manufaktur first of all skilfully cut the desired motif from a film before affixing it to the partition. They then irradiate the exposed areas with diamond particles, so that a matt surface is created in the contours of the chosen motif.

A scented haven of wellbeing

Maybach cuts an equally fine figure when it comes to the range of individualisation options available for the luxury saloons, which has been extensively extended. For the very first time there is an extremely high-quality flacon perfume atomiser available on request, having been developed exclusively by Maybach. Up until now it was reserved only for the special Maybach Zeppelin model, limited to just 100 units. This exquisite equipment detail – the only one of its kind anywhere in the world – represents a very special highlight indeed. At the touch of a button it produces a unique fragrant experience thanks to the use of sophisticated technology and high-quality perfume which discreetly, unobtrusively and gently stimulates the passengers’ senses. There is absolutely no comparison between this and other solutions containing concentrates or particulate matter.

At the heart of the system lies an internally illuminated Plexiglass sphere on the rear centre console, into which Maybach owners can insert a flacon containing a perfume they have personally selected. A compressor then directs a gentle flow of air into the Plexiglass sphere, fanning the flacon’s perfume molecules into the vehicle interior.

The perfume atomiser can be activated either from the driver’s seat or by means of a button in the rear centre console, with an additional thumbwheel in the rear for sensitive aroma control. The chosen fragrance gently wafts into the passenger compartment within ten to twelve seconds. On models with a partition screen, only the passengers in the rear are able to activate the atomiser.

The aroma experts took the particular biological characteristics of the human nose into consideration when designing the control mechanism. As it adjusts to smells in such a way that it no longer perceives them after a short while, the perfume atomiser switches off after about ten minutes. Once the system has switched off, the fragrance – which does not seep into the interior’s materials or the occupants’ clothes – quickly evaporates. Reactivating the atomiser later allows the fragrant experience to be enjoyed all over again.

Entertainment and electronics are state of the art

Entertainment galore comes courtesy of a new multiformat DVD player. It reads all important formats such as DVD-R/DVD-RW/CD-R/CD-RW, DVD video/video CD and CD-DA playback/MP3. As an option a large high-resolution cinema screen with a 19-inch diagonal can now be fitted to the centre of the partition in the Maybach 62 models, as an alternative to the 9.5‑inch monitors in the rear available until now. Sound in concert-hall quality is on tap in the form of a 600-watt sound system with 21 loudspeakers from renowned hi-fi specialist BOSE®.

As an option Maybach can now also install an overview camera in the vehicles with a partition and cinema screen. Rear passengers are then able to keep an eye on the traffic in front of them without being seen themselves – even with an opaque partition window. This creates an oasis of seclusion in which they can always enjoy total privacy.

An innovative WLAN router takes care of wireless internet access – even during the journey. As an alternative, mobile devices can also be connected via a cable to a LAN socket in order to reduce electromagnetic radiation in the interior. This sophisticated internet connection is unique in this vehicle segment and utilises the rapid transmission standards HSDPA, UMTS and GSM/EDGE. It is capable of serving three mobile devices such as laptops simultaneously, so now it is child’s play for Maybach owners to synchronise the data on their laptop with those on their computer at home or in the office, or to keep constant track of the current news via the internet, for instance. A mobile phone hands-free system with Bluetooth functionality and voice transmission via the vehicle’s existing loudspeakers and microphones is also available as a further option.

More powerful yet fewer emissions

Even though the engineers at Maybach have increased the output of the Maybach 57 S and 62 S by 13 kW (18 hp) to 463 kW (630 hp), they were able to reduce the consumption figures (from 6.4 to 15.8 l/100 km) and the CO2 output (from 390 to 368 g/km CO2) at the same time. The output of the 57 and 62 models remained unchanged, but consumption (15.0 as opposed to 15.9 l/100 km) and CO2 output (350 as opposed to 383 g/km) was also cut here. All the Maybach twelve-cylinder engines meet the EU5 standard/LEV2.

Warranty covering eight years or 200,000 kilometres

To coincide with the facelift, Maybach has introduced a new warranty policy. With the country-specific Maybach service and warranty packages Excellent and Basic, service and warranty are covered up to a vehicle age of eight years or a mileage of 200,000 kilometres/125,000 miles. After this point the life-long mobility warranty applies.

The numerous different variants of the Maybach service and warranty package can be purchased at various points in time and extended again according to personal requirements, which means that it offers even more extensive cover in case of damage, plus calculable maintenance costs. A unique feature of the package is the fact that it includes, for example, replacements in case of wear such as paint, leather, wood, carpet and upholstery, as well as noise repairs. The Maybach experts use only genuine Maybach parts of the very highest quality, meaning that the Maybach is always in pristine condition. This facilitates the luxury saloons’ long-term value retention and is an advantage not to be underestimated when it comes to resale.

Maybach means: unique and masterful down to the last detail

The name Maybach has always been synonymous with the continuous striving for aesthetic appeal, perfection, elegance and the ultimate in comfort. This is why the luxury saloons from the Maybach Manufaktur are painstakingly crafted by hand with the utmost skill and care. At least 30 days pass between the time a Maybach leaves its birthplace in Sindelfingen and the point at which it is handed over to the customer. The owner is the receiver of an automotive dream with enviable levels of spaciousness, fitted with the very finest woods, the softest leather and deep-pile carpets. It is for this reason that many customers prefer to travel in the superior comfort the rear of a Maybach offers as opposed to a private jet – sometimes for distances of over 1000 kilo-metres.

It is thanks to the high standards which Maybach sets for both the exterior and the interior design of its high-end luxury saloons that Maybach vehicles boast a series of details which are unique even in this prestigious segment. The rear reclining seats, with their opulent first-class proportions, remain unrivalled. Up until now they were reserved for the Maybach models with a long wheelbase, but they can now also be fitted in the more compact variants. The large electrotransparent panoramic glass sunroof is also only available from Maybach.

In order to regulate the climate in the hugely spacious interior, the Maybach saloons are equipped with an unparalleled climate control system. The high-end luxury saloons are equipped with two leading-edge automatic climate control systems – one for the front section of the car and a separate second unit for the rear compartment. Sensors allow the air conditioning systems to respond to the temperature and air humidity, the intensity of the sun and the level of pollution in the outside air.

Further trademark characteristics of Maybach saloons are their very highly valued fine details such as the instrument display in the rear, the easy-close function for the doors in the passenger compartment with a closing procedure that is virtually silent, the extensive, state-of-the-art Rear Seat Entertainment System, the electronic intercom system and the electrohydraulic braking system with the additional priming and dry braking functions.

Like travelling in a sedan chair

Journeying in a Maybach means relaxing in peace and calm. If at all, noise from the road or airflow reaches the ears of the passengers as though from afar. The high-end luxury saloons from Sindelfingen possess nigh-on proverbial quiet-running characteristics. The smooth ride is all thanks to the carefully optimised, low natural body frequencies, a suspension with a hydraulic subframe and shock absorbers meticulously developed with enormous attention to detail. Also co-responsible for the exemplary smooth ride are the four-bearing propshaft, the differential with gears carefully ground-in by hand and the large wheels with tyres specially developed for the Maybach. Michelin had made no less than 27 tyre samples available just for the Maybach saloons, and it was only after lengthy tuning work that the best result was finally achieved.

But it is not only these major measures that turn the Maybach saloons into a blissfully peaceful haven reminiscent of a sedan chair. An equally important contribution is made by textile trim in the wheel arches, which dampen the clatter of stone chippings that are thrown up, acoustically dampened air ducts, in whose acoustically effective labyrinth sound waves become lost and an unusually long exhaust system – measuring six metres in length – which is characterised by multiple flexible decoupling. A total of 224 parts in every Maybach saloon boast superb acoustic effectiveness – such as the windows with acoustic film, which connects two panes, thus preventing them from vibrating, or 93 kilograms of function-optimised acoustic material.

And Maybach does not leave the task of achieving perfection at the highest level merely to intensive engineering work – this happens first and foremost in the Maybach Manufaktur itself. Only the very best specialists work here. Just as every single Maybach is individually equipped, they also treat each Maybach as an individual. And they add their signature to the certificate which belongs to every saloon, confirming the high quality of their work. This means that the Maybach is far from being an anonymous product – each employee is identifiable and takes personal responsibility. This also applies to the employees at the Manufaktur who are responsible for the final inspection. At the end of the process they test-drive the finished luxury car and subject it to meticulous scrutiny with their sensitive senses – an extensive procedure which Maybach prescribes for every single vehicle, and one which goes far beyond what is customary


Tailor-made individualisation is part of the recipe for success of the luxury Maybach brand. It offers its customers unique ways of customising the specification of its top-class saloons. The Manufaktur in Sindelfingen turns a whole host of special requests in reality: of crucial importance in the work performed are the materials and cutting-edge technologies used to offer an extraordinary visual and tactile experience. This is why the Maybach specialists repeatedly come up with superb new materials and paint finishes – many of them specially developed for Maybach and not available from any other vehicle manufacturer. One of the brand-new features is the option of having individual motifs included on the partition window.

With its flair for the extraordinary, its acute understanding of the perceptual capabilities of the senses and through continuous dialogue with its customers, the Maybach Manufaktur continuously expands its range of optional and customised extras in order to keep fulfilling the wishes and requirements of the automotive market’s most prestigious clientele. And it is for this reason that the luxury Maybach saloons will again be available with special protection after the facelift.