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Maybach 57 S With Mother Of Pearl Finish To Be Presented In Paris
Posted September 13th, 2006 At 8:30 AM CST

Exterior view of the Maybach 57 S with Antiqua White paint finish, aerial shot

DaimlerChrysler has announced today that in addition to the already-available black and silver single-tone paint finishes currently obtainable on the Maybach 57 S model, a new shining "Antiqua White" finish will be added to available single-tone paint finish options in an effort to further meet customer's desires for more individuality.

The white paint finish, applied by specialists in multiple layers, will use two base colors to form the foundation of the coloring, as opposed to the typical single base color found on traditional automobiles.  As a result, the Maybach's exterior will contain nearly twice as many layers of paint when compared to other luxury vehicles, and in addition will feature an incomparable mother-of-pearl-like sheen.

For those interested, the "Antiqua White" color option is available on request, and will become part of more than two million individualization options currently found in the Maybach lineup.

To learn more, keep reading for photos showcasing the new Maybach color, followed by the official press release detailing the paint and how it was derived.

Exterior view of the Maybach 57 S with Antiqua White paint finish, side shot

Exterior view of the Maybach 57 S with Antiqua White paint finish, rear and side shot

Interior view of the Maybach 57 S with Antiqua White paint finish

Interior view of the Maybach 57 S with Antiqua White paint finish


Shining mother-of-pearl finish: Maybach 57 S in a shining white livery

Paris, Sep 13, 2006
At the 78th International Motor Show in Paris, Maybach is presenting its Model 57 S in a shining white paint finish for the first time. In this way the tradition-laden German luxury brand is meeting the desire of one of its customers for even more individuality. In standard trim the sporty and luxurious Model 57 S is only available with a single-tone paint finish in either black or silver. The shining new "Antiqua White" finish impressively emphasizes the dynamic character of this high-end luxury saloon, whose outstanding performance potential particularly captures the enthusiasm of passionate owner-drivers.

The white paint finish of the 57 S is applied in multiple layers by experienced specialists using a highly involved process – there are almost twice as many layers than is usual for other luxury cars. In contrast to conventional paint finishes using just one base paint to provide the colour tone, two different paints are necessary to achieve this incomparable, mother-of-pearl-like sheen – one of these contains mica. This highlighting material is responsible for the particular sheen of the paint finish, which varies slightly depending on the lighting angle and shines especially brightly in sunlight. The paint layers are mainly applied by hand, and several additional layers of clearcoat ensure a highly resistant finish.

"Antiqua White" is available to customers on request, as part of the more than two million Maybach individualisation options.

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