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Armored G-Wagon Used In Afghanistan
Posted on October 6, 2005 at 9:39 AM CST

Black Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

While browsing the Ottawa Sun Times today, I stumbled upon an interesting article about the G-Wagon.  After losing several soldiers to suicide bombers and anti-tank mines, outraged Canucks demanded that the military provide Canadian soldiers with better vehicles than the 20 year old Iltis jeeps they were using at the time.  In response to the public, the federal government purchased 802 armored Mercedes Gelaendewagens at the cost of $126 million, and later purchased another 357 G-Wagons for $81 million, 20 of which were armored.

Unfortunately, Canadian soldiers recently had the mispleasure of testing whether or not the new armored Gelaendewagens would perform better than their former jeeps.  The incident occurred when a suicide bomber, armed with an explosive-laden pickup, detonated his truck near a Canadian patrol convoy.  The G-Wagen held up superbly - the soldiers all escaped with only minor injuries, and the G-Wagon suffered a broken bumper, smashed headlight, and a few scratches and dents.

In closing, I am compelled to point out that I wish this story didn't exist.  I wish that the soldiers never had to find out whether or not the G-Wagons would actually work, and I wish all the lunatics that feel they should strap a bomb to themselves and blow themselves up for their cause would realize the error of their ways.  At the same time, I would still like to point out that I'm ecstatic the G-Wagons did work, and that none of the soldiers suffered major injuries.

You can find out more information about the Canadian's G-Wagon fleet at the Ottawa Sun Times.

One last thing - to all the soldiers serving around the globe, you're in our hearts every day.  We love you, we miss you, and we're praying for you.

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