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Pam Wants Peta-Friendly Mercedes
Posted on November 3, 2005 at 10:20 AM CST

Pamela Anderson Poses On The Beach In A Black BikiniIn entertainment news, everyone's favorite Baywatch babe/Playboy Playmate/PETA activist Pamela Anderson has requested that DaimlerChrysler provide her with a leather-free Mercedes G55 AMG.

In a letter released by PETA, Pamela states: "Animals used for their skin suffer from confinement, fear, painful mutilations, deprivation of all that is natural and important to them, and cruel treatment during transport and slaughter... I want no part of that, but I would like a Mercedes."

Anderson's request comes after an earlier promise made by DaimlerChrysler that all future Mercedes car models will be available with an entirely leather-free option in all markets either directly at the dealership or via special order.  However, according to Pamela, after recently inquiring about purchasing a new G55, she was told the model was not yet available without the dreaded cow carcass.

I don't know what kind of dealership wouldn't surrender to Pam's every whim, but if she came into my place of business and asked me to get naked and dance like a chicken, I'd do it.  C'mon guys, it's Pamela Anderson.

Now make Pam happy and donate some money to PETA.

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